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Better Impact's best list of podcasts for volunteer management professionals

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The life of a volunteer management professional can be a busy one, as we recruit, train, schedule, engage, report on, recognize and retain volunteers, in pursuit of helping make the world a better place. Finding the time for self-education to progress ourselves professionally can present a challenge sometimes. What’s one way to overcome this obstacle? Consider podcasts!

Listening to podcasts provides the freedom to multi-task. For example, if you tend to play music while you’re driving to a volunteer recruitment event, consider playing a podcast as an alternative. Heading out for a walk over your lunch break? Pop in some ear buds and escape to an educational podcast that addresses topics related to the ups and downs of volunteer management. Although PodcastHosting.org reports that 90% of North Americans do their podcast listening at home.

Podcasts provide an alternative to screen time and research shows that the brain is more active listening to an audio podcast versus watching a video or television. Without having to focus on a screen, we’re more dialed in to learn.

You may be wondering, as someone working in the voluntary sector, which podcasts are relevant to me?

Good news! Below are some of the best podcasts to listen to for a leg up on trending sector topics and to take away some tips to help you in your role; all while learning from folks with skin in the game.



Designed for today’s leaders of volunteers, Meridian Swift discusses trends and best practices in volunteer engagement and impact. Guests, who come from all sectors and all parts of the world, share innovative ideas and tips for engaging today’s volunteers and defining volunteer impact.

Time + Talent

Tune in if you’re looking for solutions, inspiration, or just want to hear what others are doing to successfully engage volunteers. Join Tobi Johnson, MA, CVA, and Jennifer Bennett, CVA, for uplifting and insightful conversations with thought leaders and practitioners who are redefining their roles, and the roles of volunteers.

Volunteer Nation

Nonprofit leadership author, coach, and expert Tobi Johnson shares weekly tips to help charities build, grow, and scale exceptional volunteer teams. Discover how your nonprofit can effectively coordinate volunteers who are reliable, equipped, and ready to help you bring about BIG change for the better.

From the Suggestion Box

This podcast from Nicole R. Smith, CVA, was created to take the FEAR out of FEEDBACK! It explores how we as Volunteer Engagement Professionals respond to and manage feedback. Hear from professionals both within and outside our industry about feedback that they received and how they used it to grow their programs as well as professionally. Join Nicole and her guests as they LAUGH, LEARN, and LIVE a more fulfilling life because of the feedback you receive.

Advancing the Professions

Going beyond the basics of working with volunteers, Rob Jackson Consulting’s podcast is aimed at advanced volunteer engagement practices which explore a range of issues designed to help deepen and strengthen your practice as a professional leader of volunteer engagement.

The Engaged Volunteer

Bringing together leaders from around the world to learn more about volunteer management, Rosterfy’s podcast tackles topics from finding a career managing volunteer to the challenges and learnings experienced along the way. The Engaged Volunteers aims to shine a spotlight on what it means to be a volunteer and how to be a good volunteer manager.

Volunteer Engagement Matters

Lori Gotlieb Consulting speaks on volunteer management and volunteerism topics in bite-sized lessons. She takes a look at how to build and lead volunteer programs through best practices and strategically plan great volunteer programs, whether for an organization or association...wherever volunteers are engaged.

If you’ve listened to any of the above podcasts, please share feedback in the comments to help other leaders of volunteers with their podcast search and selection. And, if we missed mentioning a top-notch podcast aimed at specifically helping volunteer management professionals, please let us know in the comments so we can consider an update to this blog.

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