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Karen Knight

I have been providing volunteer recruitment, engagement and training for not-for-profit organizations for over 25 years. My professional life has spanned many industries, working in both the private and public sectors in various leadership positions. Through my passion for making a difference in the world, I have gained decades of experience in not-for-profits as a leader and a board member. I served in Toastmasters International for over twenty-five years, in various roles up to District Director, where I was responsible for one of the largest Toastmasters districts in the world. There, I had twenty leaders reporting directly to me, and another eighty reporting to them. All volunteers.

8 Tips for Tackling Unpopular Tasks

Leaders often find themselves faced with the challenge of motivating volunteers to take on unpopular tasks. As you know, every task plays a crucial role in the success of a social impact organization, but some just are not as glamorous or appealing as others. Whether it's sorting through donations, cleaning up after an event, or handling administrative duties, how can leaders of volunteers inspire their teams to tackle these less attractive responsibilities with enthusiasm?

The 5 Aspects of a Strong Volunteer Program

Building a volunteer program isn’t easy, but it may be simpler than you might think. There are five...