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Rob Jackson

Rob is a consultant, trainer, speaker and writer in volunteer leadership and management with over 25 years experience in a wide range of settings.

He's an author with books, published articles and his own blog under his belt. He's the Editor-in-Chief of Engage, an international professional journal for leaders of volunteer engagement. He was the Co-chair of the European Year of Volunteering 2011 Alliance working group which developed recommendations on ‘quality volunteering’ for the Policy Agenda for Volunteering in Europe report and set up the UK’s Volunteer Rights Inquiry and led the secretariat for this initiative, the first of its kind in the world. Learn more at www.RobJacksonConsulting.com.

7 things to consider when looking for volunteer engagement software

I am sometimes asked for my views on volunteer management software. Which products are best? What should the software do? What are important features and benefits? In this article I want to give you my perspective on seven important things to consider when looking for software to help you in your volunteer engagement work.