Tony Goodrow

Tony is the Founder and CEO of Better Impact and has been helping not-for-profits achieve their mission since 2001. He has worked directly with hundreds volunteer engaging organizations and has been called upon to speak at conferences on five continents.

A Cage Full of Monkeys

One of the many things I’ve enjoyed when training a new member on our Volunteer Impact software is the way some of them look at a new system implementation as an opportunity to revisit some of their long-established policies and processes.

Volunteer management in a post-pandemic world

As we all know, the dynamics and parameters of what we consider normal have drastically changed...

The Happiness Advantage

Assuming that we could all use a little boost of happiness these days, I want to share some...

New perspectives in data collection and retention

When was the last time you did an inventory of what data you collect about your volunteers...

How to be laser focused on your mission

The investors on Dragon’s Den are ruthless. They are there to find ways to make a buck and that...

Data gives you the wrong answer when you ask the wrong question

Why volunteer hours are NOT the Holy Grail