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The world of the nonprofit sector is constantly changing. Better Impact presents some thought leadership on a variety of topics in volunteer management and donor relations, and invites you to be a part of the conversation.

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BETTER IMPACT BOOK BITES: Everyone Communicates Few Connect

This Month's Selection
Everyone Communicates Few Connect, by John C. Maxwell

The sixteenth in a series of Better Impact Book Bites
A taste of great books worth consuming.

Technology Won’t Replace Leaders of Volunteers, but it Can Certainly Help

In the dynamic, changing world of volunteer management, the role of a human Leader of Volunteers...

Embracing Change: Integrating Virtual Volunteering into Your Volunteer Program

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, volunteer managers face the challenge of adapting their...

Hot Take: Volunteer Burnout Burns Out Volunteer Engagement Professionals

We talk a lot about burnout in the nonprofit sector, and burnout is especially common among...

Volunteer Centre Innovation - Screening & Centralization

Volunteer Centres perform many functions within a community. With respect to how Centres interact...

How to thank Volunteers in the Digital Age: 6 Top Ideas

Your nonprofit has a lot on its plate. You have donors to steward, events to plan, and programs to...


This Month's Selection 5 Apology Languages, by Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas The fifteenth in a...

Bridging the Digital Gap: Volunteers Connecting Communities

In this article, I will briefly explore the transformative power of volunteerism in addressing...

The 5-Minute Mini – Coaching Colleagues

“How can I help my colleagues feel more comfortable providing feedback to volunteers?”